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Hello and thank you for visiting Strieby Photography’s Landscape Photography Blog. Here you will find a collection of Blogs about my travels, and  pictures of my Fine Landscape Nature Photography. I also will have info on fine art mediums I am selling and landscape photography trends and landscape photography product reviews. If you have any questions about my Blogs or my work and or have landscape photography licensing Inquires please contact me at

The Ultimate History Of Landscape Photography

Have you ever thought about where landscape photography came from? The truth is that its origins are a little bit of a mystery. But we know that the first known landscape photograph was taken by the French inventor Nicephore Niepce…

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Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and white (black and white) photography is all-inclusive. It is excellent and immortal. Moreover, it can be utilized with any classification, any subject, any kind of lighting, and whenever of day. No matter with film or through the post-handling…

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Landscape photography. What is it anyway?

For myself  Fine art Landscape Photography is the capturing of a picture that represents the emotion, mood and beauty of the great outdoors. It conveys a feeling of being there to the viewer to see something amazing! And sharing and hoping…

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Landscape Photography

Why Purchase Fine Landscape Photography?

Did you know landscape photography can have a lasting effect on your mood, anxiety, and overall health? Whenever you think about landscape photography, you may or may not quickly connect it with feeling similarly, as though you see an illustration,…

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South Oregon Coast

I just want to first start off by thanking you for visiting my first blog post “South Oregon Coast” and my website as well! Please take a look at “My Work” on my homepage and if there are any questions…

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