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Virtual reality art galleries: Where Innovation meets Fine Art

Virtual Exhibitions came as a creative answer for reduced physical distances in a globalized world, and to grow artists’ audiences. Who might have thought you could save your completely excellent planned show, while breaking the hindrances of actual distances and limits of actual space, and have various web-based displays of your fine art landscape photography to be shared at the same time with the world? The art world has been influenced by the pandemic, without a doubt. With limitations, safe distances, […]

fine landscape photography

Landscape photography. What is it anyway?

For myself  Fine art Landscape Photography is the capturing of a picture that represents the emotion, mood and beauty of the great outdoors. It conveys a feeling of being there to the viewer to see something amazing! And sharing and hoping the point when viewers take a look at your work, you hope they can feel some of the very same feelings that you felt at that exact moment you captured in-time and they have a connection with the composition and […]

Best Landscape Photography

Strieby Photography basic learning to help compose good landscape compositions

  Being a landscape photographer for many years now, I feel I’ve been really fortunate enough to see and capture some amazingly beautiful landscapes that I would not normally see if I was not in the field of landscape photography. Beforehand my trips are very carefully planned and the places I capture all are chosen for their beautiful compositions (In another blog we will go over more in-depth how I choose my locations) For now let’s go over a few basic […]

Landscape Photography

Why Purchase Fine Landscape Photography?

Did you know landscape photography can have a lasting effect on your mood, anxiety, and overall health? Whenever you think about landscape photography, you may or may not quickly connect it with feeling similarly, as though you see an illustration, narrative photograph, natural life photograph, or without a doubt pet photograph. However, fine art landscape photography ought to interface with the viewer such that it means something! Landscape art is the portrayal of the natural scene, where the essential theme is […]

South Oregon Coast

I just want to first start off by thanking you for visiting my first blog post “South Oregon Coast” and my website as well! Please take a look at “My Work” on my homepage and if there are any questions about purchasing my photography, or anything  to do with photography, I am always here very happy to help! My Photo shoot of South Oregon Coast started out leaving a very HOT Phoenix, Arizona at the end of June. I headed […]

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