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Fine Prints Info

Strieby Fine Landscape Art / Nature Photography Mediums Information

First and foremost, thank you for visiting my website and your interest in my Fine Landscape Nature Photography! Below I will have information on the mediums I offer and everything you need to know to feel comfortable making a purchase thru my website! Strieby photography offers landscape art primary to retail customers but also works with businesses for exhibits in hospitals and home staging and hotels. I have also worked with restaurants who need art and museums. I am also open to my work in Libraries and Copywriting for advertising and publications and even commercials. Please contact me at for any questions regarding my work.


Strieby Photography currently is selling large format fine landscape art prints. I offer 5 sizes for each of my Limited Edition Prints (Signed with Certificate of Authenticity) for a total of 100 Limited Editions in that prints run.  That’s 40 smaller 17×11 (16×20 matted) that I don’t sell on this website (unless you ask) that I dedicate to Cafes and Art Shows / Events.  Then only 15  ‘Limited Editions Collectors” for each of the 4 sizes ranging from 16×24 24×36 32×48 40×60 totaling 100 prints respectively.  I also offer signed Open Editions of my other prints in those 4 same sizes 16×24 24×36 32×48 and 40×60. You may find a few pieces that are odd sizes but my 4 main standard size prints for 90% of my photos are 16×24 24×36 32×48 40×60. I offer mostly “Open Edition” prints with a few and growing list of “Limited Edition” Trulife Acrylic Prints in either FujiFlex Crystal Archive Photo Paper or Kodak Endura Metallic Photo Paper that can be externally framed with 4″ Roma Hand Made Italian Framing and 3″ linen liners of your choice of color. Another option is I  offer a tad more budget friendly but still “very gorgeous” Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Face Mount Open Edition on the same highest quality FujiFlex paper and Kodak Metallic paper that you would get with a Limited Edition.  If you are wanting just the print itself, Strieby Photography has all “Open Edition” available for you yourself too frame to your own liking! Maybe it’s a beautiful metal print your looking for?  We offer the very best available today with ChromaLuxe museum quality metal prints that have the best in image brilliance, archival qualities, and durability! Lastly, we don’t display or have info about Canvas prints on our website but if that is something you are wanting to have done in one of our “open edition” photos I am more than willing to have a gorgeous canvas in your choice of size made for you by our professional photo printers, same company that does our other museum quality prints, just contact me at

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TruLife Acrylic Prints

If you are wanting the best and most exquisite museum quality fine landscape art prints Trulife Acrylic face mount prints have this 3D-like appearance due to it being sandwiched between museum-quality acrylic and a solid backer medium. The paper is specifically made for face mount prints and features a pearl-like luminescence. When light shines down on the acrylic it refracts through the artwork and gives off an appearance of having been illuminated from behind. You will be amazed by the clarity, brilliance and detail these acrylic prints have to offer!

Why Purchase Trulife Acrylic?

Limited Edition Prints framed with Roma Mouldings made with passion in Italy

Certain photos I choose will be selected for “Limited Editions” of 100 and 3 artist proofs I keep. These prints will be hand signed and numbered 1/100 and so on up to 100/100 by the owner Ken Strieby and buyer will be sent a Signed Certificate of Authenticity.  I offer 5 sizes of Limited Edition Prints (Signed with Certificate of Authenticity) for a total of 100 Limited Editions in that print run. I offer 40 smaller 11×17 (16×20 matted) prints that I dedicate to Cafes and Art shows / events. Then for my website only 15 “Limited Edition Collectors” for each of 4 sizes ranging from 16×24 24×36 32×48 40×60 for a total of 100 prints respectively. When my 100 prints are sold out from that run, it will be permanently retired and you can be assured you will be 1 of only 100 or even only  (1/15 of that size) from that edition from my website!  If you are a Fine Landscape Art Collector and would like first Dibbs on any upcoming “Limited Editions” please contact me and I can put you on my list! If there is other interest in that same photo before release, I will draw a name for the 1st edition!  

If you are wanting the best and most exquisite of museum quality landscape art prints anywhere,  look no further then the Trulife Acrylic prints I offer on my “Limited Edition” prints. Please read the above info on TruLife Acrylic prints to educate yourself on why this is considered the best medium for Landscape fine art prints in the industry!

Below you will find my 3 main Roma frames that I sell which are the most popular and my favorites Roma’s.. If you are seeking another color maybe black, silver, or white Roma frame please contact me and I will contact my supplier and would love to work with you and do my best on making what it is you want a reality! 
For those that truly are wanting the best of the best and full luxury I offer Roma Tabacchino framing on all my limited-edition prints. Roma Moulings are made with passion in Italy. It takes skill, creativity, and Innovation to create a framed art piece so amazing that it not only enhances the artwork, but the space in which it is displayed! Good design, creative, exceptional quality, and the know-how to bring all those elements together. This is custom framing to Roma. Their passion lies within the creation of unique and beautiful moldings used in custom framing. Created for the skilled custom framer, Roma mouldings are the ideal choice for your treasured possessions! 
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Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Face Mount Prints

My main standard “open edition” prints are a Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Facemount. If you’re looking for very nice very high quality “but still very affordable” our Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Face Mount Prints are our most popular choice!  
Choose from 3 museum quality photo papers Fuji Flex, Fuji Gloss or Kodak Endura Metallic to display your acrylic photo prints with unparalleled color and clarity at this price point!

HD Photo Papers

FujiFlex Crystal Archive Paper

Kodak Endura Metallic Paper

Fuji Gloss Paper

FujiFlex Crystal Archive Paper the top selling photo paper has an extremely high-gloss finish, which adds a very nice depth and richness to make your image appear almost 3D.  A polyester-based halide material is optimized for professional gallery-level color printing of display and commercial prints.
Kodak Endura Metallic Paper has a glossy finish and pearlescent metallic appearance at certain angles. The paper uses a proprietary cobination of film laminate layers, which results in striking, three dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background.
Fuji Gloss paper has a high sheen finish, which gives your photo the WOW factor that you’ve been looking for. Fuji gloss paper produces images with rich, deep blacks, brilliant colors, and a mirror-like surface. Fuji Glossy also has a neutral original white point, which adds to the shine!

ChromaLuxe Metal Prints

The archival qualities , image brilliance, and durability set ChromaLuxe apart from all other print mediums, and since it’s easy-to-clean ChromaLuxe is the perfect choice for hospitals and health care facilities looking for fine art landscapes!  ChromaLuxe is an aluminum substrate with a very fine multiple layer of polymer finish that contains a specialized, formulated coating provided the foundation for a visually stunning and durable metal fine art print. Essentially a thin sheet of aluminum, ChromaLuxe prints are also suprisingly very light weight and durable unmatched in fine art printing! ChromaLuxe prints are produced using a technology called sublimation, where inks are infused directly into the specially coated metal sheets, creating images with stunning color, vibrancy, and resolution. ChromaLuxe prints are scratch, fade, water, and flame resistant, requiring nothing more than simple glass cleaner or even just water, honestly there very effortless to clean with just a soft, clean microfiber towel!

Strieby Landscape Photography Sizing Options

Strieby Photography currently is selling large format fine landscape art prints ranging from sizes 13×19 to 40×60 with custom larger sizes available depending on the photo!  On my website you may find a few pieces that  were cropped and not as common of sizes but my 4 main standard size prints for 90% of my photo prints are 16×24 24×36 32×48 40×60. If you are just looking for a small print under  20″ please visit my ETSY website where I sell smaller landscape prints at amazing prizes! If you would like to see what one of my photos looks like in your Livingroom please send me a good quality photo of your living space to and I can send you that photo back giving you a great idea how my print will look in your living space! 

Landscape Prints Limited Warranty

Unlike many Landscape Photographers on my Trulife Acrylic Prints and my Premium Acrylic “Open Edition” Prints and ChromaLuxe Prints I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you’re not happy with your print (must have a very good legitimate reason) you can send the print back to Strieby Photography (You pay 100% the shipping costs) and I will refund you the full price of the print. If there is “any damage” even small scratches etc. to the print, there will be a 25% deduction from the refunded full price you paid for the print as its hard for me to resale print without a 25% discount!  My “LIMITED EDITION” prints are all sales are final, these prints are very expensive made to order and not eligible for any returns “except for damage caused from shipping”.  Although I am very more then willing to work with you in “most situations” as long as it’s fair for both parties involved. You can feel confident buying my work because I will take care of my customers and its very important to me (even more than making a profit) don’t get me wrong , I love making a sell for profit, but what really makes me happy and “drives me”  far more are the nice comments and the customers that you know are very happy with their purchase honestly!