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Phoenix Large Format Giclée Fine Art Photo Printing



 Phoenix Arizona Professional Large Format Photo Printing

Hello, If you are looking to have the best professionally done large photo prints in Phoenix you have come to the right place! Right now I am offering 50% off your first print to get your business because I know after you receive your first print I’m confident you will be a lifetime customer and see the difference because not all printing is created equal.  It’s as simple as texting me at 602)502-1025 or email with any questions and we can get started!

Basic Info:

Professional large-format photo printing at fair prices!

Located – in Phoenix, Arizona (Ahwatukee).

Download and send us your photo files – (

Print Price – $85-400 for most popular print sizes (contact me for exact pricing) you can send me your file by email or we can work together in my office on your print to make changes on the fly! No other photo lab will work with you making adjustments in person to make sure your photo prints are just how you want them!

Printer – Professional Canon 4100 Inkjet Printer (absolute best in the industry). 

Image Post-Processing $25 per half hour if it’s needed the first 30min FREE.

Hours – Mon-Fri But I answer emails and texts when I can 24-7.

File Type Requirements- Prefer  TIFF,PDF, JPEG 300dpi, and minimum 100dpi files.

Extra charges if needed – Photo upsizing $25, extra photo editing $25 per half hour, Print redo’s $25 per print if needed.

Large Format Print Class (you and I in my office working on your print together) $35 per hour + the print cost. Contact us to set up an appointment.

Shipping – UPS Ground or pick up at my office.

Contact –  Preferred – or text 602)502-1025

Professional Canon Large Format Printers 

What type of photography will I print in large format for you?

Portrait Photography prints

Pet Photography Prints

Kids Photography Prints

People Photography (Head Shots) Prints

Graduation Photography Prints

Landscape Photography Prints

Any Artistic Type of Photography Prints

Street Photography Prints

Wedding Photography Prints

Fashion Photography Prints

Aerial Photography Prints

Macro Photography Prints

Real Estate Photography Prints

Sports Photography Prints

Astro Photography Prints

Abstract Photography Prints

Nature Photography Prints

People at Work Photography Prints

Advertising Photography Prints (photo’s only no signs) 

Architecture Photography Prints

Commercial Photography Prints

Influencer Photography Prints

Amateur Photography Prints 


 Hello, my name is Ken Strieby. I’m a Fine Art Landscape Photographer, you may know like myself what a struggle it is to find high-quality large-format printing for your photography anywhere close by in the Phoenix area right? All the print labs are way up in the North part of town and even just ordering your prints from any print lab online can be a real struggle because we professional photographers all know how hard it is to have your images look the same as what you see on your home monitor, it is a big issue even when your monitors have been calibrated correctly right? At least that was my experience in most cases for years when ordering prints online from photo labs, I was never really fully happy with my prints being a fine art landscape photographer, you have to be a real perfectionist because some of my fine art prints, I can sell for thousands of dollars they need to look amazing that’s what customers expect! I tell you it stressed me out every time I ordered my prints from a photo lab online wondering if my landscape prints were going to have that artistic look I created and that I was going after and in most cases, my prints did not… because they were in almost all cases either way too dark or over saturated and did not look how they were intended and created in post-production and on my monitor and it was extremely disappointing!

So, I just got really tired of it as it was getting very expensive reordering my prints online over and over, so you know what I did? I think you can guess! I purchased my own professional very large format printer and started my own photo lab to give all other hobbyist photographers and professional photographers or just anyone in need of large photos an opportunity and place to go on the South end of town to get Large Format prints printed without driving 30-45 minutes way up north to a photo lab in north Scottsdale or Phoenix in traffic that’s a real pain! I can also promise you won’t get close to the same hands-on personal service you will get from me! Printing high-quality prints is not as easy as it might seem at all, there’s truly an art in itself to this kind of large format printing I took many classes from a teacher who teaches classes at the Art Institute of Los Angeles on the “art of printing fine art prints” I did this after buying my printer to get the most out of my Canon printer and learn and hone in on the skills necessary to print my very own fine art landscape prints. If you are a professional photographer like me or just an amateur hobbyist photographer who wants professional quality large prints for your own home décor, I can help you! We can work together to get you the best large format Giclée prints possible for your home décor or office space with my professional large format Canon Ink Jet Printers. There are truly about the best inkjet printers money can buy at this present time! It does beautiful archival Giclée prints with amazing detail with only the best OEM Cannon Inks! I can do prints as wide as 44″ and about as long as you desire but preferably under 96″ or 8ft. You can simply just send me your file and I can print your image and ship it to you, or we can even work together in my office, and we can make all the adjustments on the fly in Photoshop together to achieve a print that I know you will be very happy with the final outcome and proud to put in your own home or business space. Trust me, there is no better experience as a photographer or hobbyist photographer than seeing your very own photo come right out of the printer itself, it’s pretty cool! Not only that but the whole experience helps you understand your work a lot better as well and educates you and makes you into a much better photographer! If you don’t have time or are not close to my location, possibly out of state but would like to still work with me online or over the phone that’s not a problem at all and I can even ship your print right to you!  


FINE ART PRINTS is a term that refers to archival Giclée prints. Regular traditional C-type prints are what most of us grew up with and are what you generally buy at a drug store or office store in large batch amounts of like 50. My fine art large format Giclée prints basically look like your traditional C-type prints for the most part but the difference is my fine art prints use the highest quality archival pigment-based inks and archival photo papers that ensure the highest superior quality print! Furthermore, all the different photo papers that are offered for fine art inkjet printing give the prints a different look and feel from traditional C-type photos. I personally like the Moab Slickrock Pearl photo paper. It has a deep contrast black, and because of the metallic pearl the highlights in the photo have a shimmer almost a slight 3D effect if you look at the print at an angle, it’s a really beautiful paper and one of several papers I offer. These archival fine art photo papers and ink ensure your print has long-term fade resistance (when put behind glass or acrylic) that lasts for many decades and up too at least 100 years. This is the same ink jet printing method used by museums and galleries from around the world. Most of the prints in the more popular sizes range from $85-$400 dollars each and I Assure you I can offer you the best prices anywhere on large format photo print because my overhead is much lower than most photo labs. Please contact me for exact pricing on the size print you would like. So if you are thinking about printing an amazing photo you took and would want it printed in a larger format (must be over 20 inches) to put in your home décor, I can most definitely be of service to you and make that happen! I can also have your print framed or face-mounted under a sheet of acrylic if that’s something you need help with after I’m finished with the print. The possibilities are almost endless in how we can finish your print for a beautiful presentation in your home décor! Also, keep in mind a fine art print would make a great personal really heartfelt gift for your friends and family members:)


If your photo is in some need of post-processing there is a very good chance it will need some basic tweaks for a large format print because everything shows up more when it’s very large.  I will do a “basic 30-minute photo edit” in Photoshop for free but if it goes over 30 minutes of my time editing, I charge per half hour on the photo editing and it’s $25 per half hour. Furthermore, you may want me to remove some unwanted artifacts that will show up on a large print like smudges or tiny spots that were on your camera lens that I will need to remove before print, and you may even have something like unwanted people or cars in the background of your photo that I can remove for you at an extra charge as well. I can make many changes to make the look of your print more appealing as far as color tones, shadowing, adding skies, etc. and we can go over those things when we first meet over the phone or in person and go over the details of what you want to achieve with the look of your print and don’t worry it’s a much easier process then it may sound and I want this to be a fun experience as possible for my customers!   



All I will need is your photo file, preferably 300dpi TIFF or PDF file but I can work with other files like JPEG. You can text me at 602)502-1025 or email me at and we can go over the details. Keep in mind if your file is not large enough for the size print you want, for an extra charge I can possibly prep the image to build resolution for a larger format print size that you want to have done:) Again you can text me or email me and I can go over all the details and pricing on large format prints, this is something I really enjoy doing and it’s my pleasure to help and try and make a masterpiece print from your very own photography!  

I will work with anyone who needs Large Format prints whether you’re a Landscape Photographer, Wedding Photographer, Portrait Photographer, Pet Photographer, or possibly just want Large Format High School Graduation prints for your home décor or maybe you’re a Hobbyist Travel Photographer and you take your own real amazing vacation landscape photos that you love and want a print in large format for in your home wall décor, all you need to do is send me your file to my email or you can contact me and make an appointment to meet up and we can make it happen! Note I can also help with having your print Acrylic face mounted or framed and matted through my various connections:) Please note everyone I will only do LARGE FORMAT PRINTS I will not print any photos smaller or under 18″x 22″ or 20″x20″.  The most popular large format print sizes I do are 16″x24″ 20″x30″ 24″x30″ 28″x42″ 24″x36″ 32″x48″ 42″x55″ 36″x54″40″x 60″ 47″x70″ but any size in that range we can do but some cropping may be necessary.  

Businesses I will not print any advertisements or signs (with lettering or wording content) they must pertain to actual photography. Something like a model posing in a park that’s going to be used in an advertisement “with no logo or content” would be considered perfectly okay. All prints have to be geared toward photography, have at least a decent composition, and be somewhat artistic. This is high-end archival photo printing; anyone can go to a drug store for average prints or a big box print store for your real basic prints or advertising type of prints but that is not what I do here!  We’re about doing high-end Giclée photo prints with archival inks and fine art photo papers at the highest level that are intended to last customers for many decades to come!