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Strieby Landscape Photography / Photo Landscape’s through my eye’s!

I have always had a real love for Photography. I hope my Photo’s relax or inspire your imagination in some way!  Whether it may be a place you have visited or maybe a place you would possibly love to see!

My name is Ken Strieby Jr thank you very much for visiting my new website! I was born and raised in Seattle WA, I moved to Phoenix in my late 20’s where I have lived for several years till now and San Diego part-time as well last 5 years….

I have always had a real passion for Photography! I took photography and graphic design classes in school in Seattle. But I would say I am about 75% self-taught from learning from many many hours out in the field shooting landscapes! I also would give some credit to YouTube from some of the other great photographers on their I have leaned from and perfected my craft from their tutorials as well! 

I really hope you see my passion for this craft as I try and convey in my work from what my imagination sees through my eye’s all the way through my lens! That’s part of the “Real Art” of Landscape Photography I feel anyway… finding the compositions / great lighting and then find those angles that tell a story to the viewer, and then actually executing all that with the correct settings in your Camera which comes with years of practice!

I am always here if you have any questions regarding my photography, ( I usually get back that very day, unless I’m out on the field) I am more then happy to help,  please ask questions!!! Thanks for viewing my photo’s its an honor for me seriously! My favorite part of photography is sharing amazing landscapes people might not have seen without my photos which gives me a lot of enjoyment in showing you all!!!

Ken’s work has been featured in several photography blogs online and in 2019 was named one of the best landscape photographers in Phoenix, Arizona by  

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