Strieby Photography Landscape Nature Prints

Gallery Landscape Photograph of famous maple tree in Portland Oregon (Same “Tree of Life” Peter Lik made famous). Its proclaimed the most authentic Japanese tree outside of Japan, it’s surely very stunning and pretty well known for it’s beauty for good reason! For a brief history on the tree, it was planted in 1968 and they estimated it was 20 years old at the time of planting, you can find a lot of info on the tree googling it online.  I call this photo simply “Momiji” which actually means “Japanese Maple Tree”.  I hope you enjoy this landscape photo as I truly put my heart and soul into all my photographs! This Professional photographed art would surely look amazing and bring a “conversation piece” in almost any room in your Home or Office, Hospital, or any Business Establishment and would make a great gift for someone who possibly has a connection or love with this beautiful landscape! Please email me at kstrieby@msn.com for any questions regarding this Landscape Image.

Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Landscape Nature Prints

My main standard “open edition” prints are a Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Face-Mount. If you’re looking for a very nice high quality “but still very affordable” acrylic print, our Premium Plexiglass Acrylic Prints are our most popular and affordable choice we know you will love!

Choose from 3 museum quality and very finest photo papers Fuji Flex, Fuji Gloss or Kodak Endura Metallic to display your acrylic photo prints with unparalleled color and clarity at this amazing price point, you really won’t find a better deal on Fine Landscape Art on the Web!

*1/8″ Thick acrylic (1/4 acrylic on request)
*Choose from 3 HD photo papers
*Interacts beautifully with light
*Amazing detail and clarity

Trulife Acrylic Landscape Nature Prints

If you are wanting the best and most exquisite of fine landscape art prints Trulife Acrylic face mount prints have this 3D-like appearance due to it being sandwiched between museum-quality acrylic and a solid backer medium. The paper is specifically made for face mount prints and features a pearl-like luminescence. When light shines down on the acrylic it refracts through the artwork and gives off an appearance of having been illuminated from behind. You will be amazed by the clarity, brilliance and detail these acrylic prints have to offer!

All my “Open Edition” Trulife Acrylic Prints are hand signed and done at what my professional photographers consider the best photo lab available on the west coast, so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality possible! You will also receive a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity with your art work as well, that will be handy in determining the value of work as photographers popularity increases, that’s if you decide to ever sell your piece.

Why Purchase Trulife Acrylic?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               *Virtually eliminates reflections
* Blocks up to 99% of UV rays
*Proprietary coating is engineered for performance
*Cleans like a glass surface no special acrylic cleaners needed
*Durable hard coat helps protect against scratches
*Shatter resistant helps save your artwork
*Achieves the most vibrant amazing colors, depth, and clarity
*Comes ready to hang
*Anti-Static properties which helps repel dust

Chromaluxe Metal Landscape and Nature Prints

The archival qualities , image brilliance, and durability set ChromaLuxe apart from all other print mediums, and since it’s easy-to-clean ChromaLuxe is the perfect choice for hospitals and health care facilities looking for fine art landscapes!  ChromaLuxe is an aluminum substrate with a very fine multiple layer of polymer finish that contains a specialized, formulated coating provided the foundation for a visually stunning and durable metal fine art print. Essentially a thin sheet of aluminum, ChromaLuxe prints are also suprisingly very light weight and durable unmatched in fine art printing! ChromaLuxe prints are produced using a technology called sublimation, where inks are infused directly into the specially coated metal sheets, creating images with stunning color, vibrancy, and resolution. ChromaLuxe prints are scratch, fade, water, and flame resistant, requiring nothing more than simple glass cleaner or even just water, honestly there very effortless to clean with just a soft, clean microfiber towel!
*Long lasting archival quality up to 65yr indoors
*Extremely lightweight and unmatched durability
*Scratch, fade, fire and water resistant
*Custom sizes available up to 72 inches
*Unsurpassed color brilliancy and vibrancy
Questions regarding my work?  Please email me at kstrieby@msn.com






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Trulife Acrylic Print 16×24 inches ($499.00), Trulife Acrylic Print 24×36 inches ($950.00), Trulife Acrylic Print 32×48 ($1500.00), Trulife Acrylic Print 40×60 ($2300.00), Premium Acrylic Print 16×24 inches ($400.00), Premium Acrylic Print 24×36 inches ($700.00), Premium Acrylic Print 32×48 inches ($1300.00), Premium Acrylic Print 40×60 inches ($1900.00), Chromaluxe Metal Print 16×24 inches ($400.00), Chromaluxe Metal Print 24×36 inches ($650.00), Chromaluxe Metal Print 32×48 inches ($950.00), Chromaluxe Metal Print 40×60 inches ($1450.00)


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