Strieby Fine Art Limited Edition Landscape Photography

Gallery Landscape Print of Beautiful Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona. I always enjoyed the time I spent photographing this amazing place, as the sun went down and golden hour cast over the beautiful rocks and vast desert land. The shadows and reflections on the Colorado River were beautiful it truly was an amazing setting from high up above this huge landscape it truly makes you sit there and realize how beautiful this world is and how lucky I am to photograph it. That’s what gives me the most pleasure in sharing these amazing spots:) I truly hope you enjoy this landscape photo I named “Contouring Light” as I put my heart and soul into these Photographs!  This Professionally photographed fine art would look amazing and bring a real “conversation piece” in almost any room in your Home or Office, Hospital, Bank, or any Business Establishment and would make a great gift for someone who possibly has a connection or love with this beautiful landscape! Please email me at for any questions regarding this Landscape Image.

Diasec Limited Edition Acrylic Fine Art Face-Mount Print Info

Strieby Photography has hand-signed Limited Edition collector Diasec Acrylic Face Mount Landscape Prints For Sale.

Diasec acrylic prints are the one and only “museum-approved method” for print preservation and presentation when it comes to face-mounting acrylic prints!

Diasec was perfected in Europe many decades ago and they have an impressive track record on non-failure.  This is not something that the pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) used in the United States can claim (this is what most all landscape photographers are selling you and possibly for more money even then what I charge for museum quality Diasec). The adhesive used in a genuine Diasec  face mount to acrylic is a silicone gel combined with a proprietary product that ensures a complete and permanent bond. Unlike sticky film-based acrylic face mounts that look similar, Diasec is engineered to never separate, peel, or fail!

For my fine art Diasec acrylic prints we use a photo lab that does the most amazing face-mount Diasec prints. Again Diasec is the only “approved method” of face mounting photos under acrylic by museums don’t be fooled by other methods used by other photographers they are not archival and can fail! If you are a true collector or just like high-end art don’t settle for overpriced acrylic prints using those not failproof adhesive films. Diasec gel is the only proven method of glue not failed in over 50 years.
Diasec acrylic print mounting is the premier presentation system for bringing detail, color and tonal range to life! For this presentation style, we print on select Giclee fine art pigment papers for amazing color and longevity (black and white images also look fantastic on these materials).   Let us reiterate this, Giclee (inkjet ) watercolor papers can now be used in face-mounts while maintaining the texture.  This is not something that can be done with traditional PSA materials.
There’s a reason that museums prefer Diasec acrylic face mounts over standard adhesive mounts; Diasec gel remains flexible and fully adhered after curing, ensuring the longevity and integrity of the art for generations. They know it simply will not separate from the acrylic. Face mounts have been around for over 50 years and genuine Diasec is the only technology proven to not to fail!


You can find much more info click here for all my fine art prints and Diasec Acrylic Prints. 


Trulife Limited Edition Acrylic Fine Art Landscape Nature Prints

If you are wanting the best and most exquisite museum quality Diasec fine landscape art prints, I offer  Trulife Limited Edition Acrylic face mount prints that have this 3D-like appearance due to it being sandwiched between museum-quality acrylic and a solid backer medium. The fine art photo paper is specifically made for Diasec face mount prints. When light shines down on the acrylic it refracts through the artwork and gives off an appearance of a slight illuminated effect. You will be amazed by the clarity, brilliance and detail these Diasec Trulife acrylic prints have to offer!

All my “Limited Edition ” Trulife Acrylic Prints are hand signed and done at the best photo lab in the United States doing Diasec prints. So you can rest assured you are getting the best quality museum fine art possible! You will also receive a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity with your art work as well, that will be handy in determining the value of work as photographers popularity increases, that’s if you decide to ever sell your piece or pass down to another family member:)

For photo paper I offer a high quality Epson matte fine art paper as my main paper of choice because it works well with Diasec and what you will receive unless you email me and specify you would like a different option. I also can offer a Metallic photo paper option if that’s something you would like just email me before ordering if you want metallic paper. Most people love the matte option and note the fine art matte paper looks glossy once its behind acrylic just as a glossy paper would look so you cannot tell a difference. Trulife Limited Edition prints comes with an option of black or white komatex (pvc sheet) backer I will email you after purchase to see which color backer you prefer or you can email me first:) I also can do a little higher-end Dibond (aluminum composite) backer if that’s something you are wanting just email me and I will price it out my pleasure!

Roma Frames optional but not included.  All my Limited Edition Prints have an option of adding a gorgeous Italian made Roma Frame you can find info by clicking here and email me for custom Roma Frame pricing!

Why Purchase Trulife Acrylic?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        *Virtually eliminates reflections
* Diasec and acrylic block against UV Rays
*Proprietary coating is engineered for performance
*Cleans like a glass surface no special acrylic cleaners needed
*Durable hard coat helps protect against scratches
*Shatter resistant helps save your artwork
*Achieves the most vibrant amazing colors, depth, and clarity
*Comes ready to hang
*Anti-Static properties which helps repel dust
*Fully permanent unlike PSA (those sticky adhesives that can fail which most landscape photographers use)
*Zero Delamination
*Amazing Detail makes your images pop!
*Comes standard with 1/8″ Thick acrylic (1/4″ acrylic on email request before purchase so I can add the price:)


Questions regarding my work?  Please email me at

Additional information


Limited Edition Trulife Acrylic Print 16×24 inches ($800.00), Limited Edition Trulife Acrylic Print 24×36 inches ($1,100.00), Limited Edition Trulife Acrylic Print 32×48 ($1700.00), Limited Edition Trulife Acrylic Print 40×60 ($2500.00)


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